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Senior Court

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Homecoming Senior Court Attendants

Nichole Sunday and Brandon Miller were looking beautiful, and in Brandon’s case dashing. On September 8th, 2017, as they walked onto the Chouteau football field. They were voted into the homecoming court on August 17th, by the athletic student body, and announced on the 18th as the Senior attendants. They were elected to represent the athletic student body, because of their perseverance and dedication – on and off the field.


When asked Nichole said, that her proudest moments in her athletic career is receiving awards for cheer and volleyball. And in life, “My personality.” What words would you pass on to your childhood self? Her response is one to live by, “Don’t cut your own bangs, don’t pick out your own clothes, think of what you say… before you say it. Don’t drink bleach!” And the big question, what are your plans after High School? “Well, I’m going to go to college. Hopefully do something that I actually like, if not, do something that will make me rich. So I can take care of my parents, and the Oldies in my family.”


Who is your sports hero you look up to? What do you admire or like about them? Brandon answered, “Russell Westbrook because he plays as hard as he can all the time.” What advice would you pass on to your younger self? Brandon’s answer was one to always follow, “Always play like it’s your last game.” Do you feel like you miss out on certain things because of playing sports? What have you missed? “I haven’t really missed out on anything since all my friends play sports.” Even though Brandon did admit that he missed out on a Christmas gathering one time. And the most important question, would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones? His answer was, “I’d lose all my old memories, so I can make new memories.”


No matter what these two, or anyone from Chouteau decides to do, the opportunities are as endless as the stars above. Their strive and dedication have landed them the respect and friendship of their teammates and those around them. They are on the track to success, without looking back, continuously moving forward and they have the Roar of the Wildcats behind them. Your 2017 fall homecoming Senior Court attendants Nichole Sunday and Brandon Miller.

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Senior Court