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Students irked by dress code

Bailey Wisdom, Writer

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The school dress code is disliked by many students, but educators at the school think otherwise.

To some, the girls seem to have more rules and are always getting dress coded.

“It’s unfair to an extent. I had on leggings and a shirt that covered my bottom but it wasn’t fingertip length,” sophomore Giselle Wilson explained. She had to change out of her clothes and was “annoyed, cause my outfit was flawless.”

Some teachers say that when girls wear leggings and athletic shorts it distracts the boys from learning, but others think the girls should learn to have some modesty.

“I don’t think it (the rules) should be keeping someone from looking at other people, “ teacher Kita Hendricks said. “They should control themselves and you (girls) should have self respect.”

Freshman, Elisa Sierra, said she thinks the dress code is a bit sexist, but the boys don’t show as much as the girls, so they don’t need more rules.

Her problem and most girl athletes’ problem with the dress code is athletic shorts. “Some people take advantage of how short they are, but athletic girls don’t,” Sierra said.

“I think you guys (girls) should be able to wear some athletic shorts,” Hendricks stated.

The boys and the girls have the exact same rules, but the boys don’t have trouble following them.

Principal Glen Bibelheimer said the boys have the exact same rules as the girls, just most of them don’t wear leggings.

“The problem I have with boys right now is sagging, which I don’t have a problem with, with the girls,” Bibelheimer said. “The board approves a dress code. I am working for the board, therefore my job is to enforce the wishes and rules of the board. It’s not about me picking or choosing we have to go by what the board outlines for me to do.”

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Students irked by dress code