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Senior Year of Basketball

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Senior year, a worrisome and stressful time of life. But, it has a very positive and happy outcome. There are many lasts during anyone’s senior year. For instance, some people have many last sports games, or last performances, or last first games. All of these lasts come and go quickly, and once you graduate you are thrown out into the real world. That’s why you need to live in the moments of your lasts, and cherish them forever.

In my case, I will have many lasts this year. One of them being my most prized one, my last first basketball game. What it means to me is that I have started the last season of high school basketball ever. I have worked very hard to be successful and the last first game signifies the beginning of the last journey to a gold ball I will ever have. A gold ball is what I am striving for, and what my team is striving for. Thinking about my last first game also reminds me of the road I have taken to get where I am, it reminds me of everyone that has helped me throughout these past three years and all my past friends and teammates, also the hard work and dedication my teammates and I have put in to be where we are. I am going to help my team the best I can and we will strive for success and hopefully achieve the ultimate goal of a gold ball.

Senior year is a time for great things to happen and gives you the opportunity to do great things before you step out into the void of the adult world. It gives you the opportunity to have the time of your life with some of your favorite people. Senior year teaches you to step out of your comfort zone to be able to make a change and better yourself for what’s to come. For me, Senior year is a chance to give everything I have for something that I love and will cherish forever.




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Senior Year of Basketball