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The Pledge of Allegiance

Payton Harris

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I strongly dislike when students don’t stand for the flag salute. They don’t even stand to give respect for the ones who are fighting for us. When they have to be forced to stand up, they complain. These soldiers  are risking their lives for us and they don’t seem to care. Soldiers are fighting for our freedom and they don’t care. They didn’t fight for our freedom so others could waste that freedom being disrespectful. My cousin is serving in the Army to fight for our freedom. I think about him very time we do the flag salute. It hurts to see the amount of people who don’t care. It’s rude! I’m sick and tired of this generation! They’re so disrespectful! I’m sure they don’t thank the ones who already served us. Many veterans aren’t recognized for all they did for this country. Some even come home homeless! I’m tired of it! They deserve to be recognized! So next time you are asked to stand, remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, remember those who never got to come home so that we can have the freedoms we have today!

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The Pledge of Allegiance