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Life on Mars

Jullian Martin

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    Do you think there is life on Mars? Theories have shown that there could be life living on Mars. Professor Alfred McEwen of planetary geology says “The possibility of finding life in the interior of Mars is very high. There is water in the crust and we know Mars received meteorites from Earth. Microbes can survive that trip, making it likely life could be found in the crust of Mars.”

Some things that have been found can help prove that life could be on Mars, for example, NASA has captured photos of what they called “rock formations” in the grounds of Mars. Some believe that is their way of hiding the fact that life could be living on Mars, others believe it is an imprint of an alien.

There has been evidence that an ancient Egyptian pyramid could prove that civilization was once in that area. Now how could that pyramid get there in such perfect shape and size without someone or ‘something’ building it? Civilization was once and still could be on Mars today. Do you think aliens live there? More and more research has been done everyday. For example, different countries across the world have been sending rovers over and over again throughout the years. There is more to learn and discover about Mars, if there’s civilization or if there isn’t, we will know one day if there is life on Mars or not. Until then we wait for research to finish and dig deeper for proof.

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Life on Mars