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Moon Landing, Real or Fake?

Jullian Martin

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It has been decades since Neil Armstrong took his “giant leap for man kind” but was it even true? There are conspiracies that the moon landing was staged back in 1969. The U.S. government was desperate to beat Russians in the race to space which may have caused them to stage everything in Hollywood Hills or deep in Area 51.

          There are certain thing that happened during the moon landing that haven’t been pointed out until now. The flag movement shows presence of wind, there is no air in the moons atmosphere. There was seen to be more than one light source, the only light source for the moon is the sun and in photos there is more than one. All shadows should be parallel from each other but they aren’t, There are in many different angles. So what about the height of jumping the astronauts were reaching? Were there cables in the staged area of the moon landing? How else would this be explained? There are so many questions and facts that can prove that the 1969 moon landing was a hoax.

      As you can tell, a lot of research has been done on the moon landing but there is one fact that gets to me the most. There is a huge lack of stars in all photos or video evidence of the moon landing. Since there are no clouds on the moon all stars should be visible, NASA could not map all the stars out so left them out of the staged set thinking no one would think about it. Some photographers argue that you can’t see the stars because of low quality cameras but yet you can take photos of stars from Earth on a low quality camera and still see them.

So there are a few examples of how the moon landing could be a hoax. Would NASA really stage the first moon landing? How did they do it? There are questions that we all have and can’t find a perfect way to answer them but we can continue doing research until we can. Neil Armstrong sure did take a “giant leap for man kind” didn’t he?

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Moon Landing, Real or Fake?