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How did Kurt Cobain really die?

Alec Aubrey, writing and stuff

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Kurt Cobain was found dead on April 5th 1994 in his house in Seattle Washington. He was the lead singer and guitarist for the hit band Nirvana. Nirvana started in 1987 releasing 3 studio albums during their career. They established themselves as part of the grunge scene in the late 1980s and received most of their attention in early 1990s. This attention could be considered both bad and good. Kurt was married to singer and song writer Courtney love in 1992. Although their marriage only lasted two years many believe many Courtney only married for fame which is supported by her lack of compassion after his death. Courtney love was often referred as rebellious and mentally unstable claimed by her father Hank Harrison. At a young age she even ran away from home. One of the suspicious of Kurt’s death was suspected to be because of his wife Courtney. Accusations were made to her that she hired a hitman named “El Duce” to kill Kurt for $50,000. Although the evidence to support this is a statement by El Duce himself and supposedly phone calls of Courtney stating “I’ll give you $50,000 to blow his head off.”.This may be just little evidence but a constant denial to talk to the press after any questions pertaining to these theories was made by her.


The most thought compelling evidence of his death was the amount of heroin found in Kurt’s body after his body was found. At the scene of the accident there was a shot gun , suicide note and major wound to the body. Many of his band mates reported Kurt acting different or quiet about a month before his death. The shot gun had no traceable finger prints on it and was found facing him. But the real theory is with the amount of heroin found in Kurt’s body that it would almost impossible for him to be able to operate a gun let alone aim it. The police report to have seen or heard no other case like this one contributing to the theory he was murdered. The suicide note left at the scene was addressed to his imagery friend “Boddah” signing with the final phrase before the validation , “it’s better to burn out than to fade away”, is a quote from the lyrics of Neil Young’s song “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)”. No matter how his death came to be his contribution to music will always remain.

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How did Kurt Cobain really die?