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Gaming affecting society?

Shyann Grisham, Contributor

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It is said that gaming affects peoples minds and their relationships. I believe that gaming affects everyone. Not only the people playing but the people they associate with. I believe it causes a strain in the relationships they have with the people around they are close with. I believe that they focus more on the gaming then they do everything else. Social consequences are a real part of gaming addiction. Addicted gamers spend so much time on their games personal relationships are often neglected and abandoned all together.

Researchers also discovered through statistical analysis that

*”Young adults who spend a lot of time playing video games are more likely to participate in risky behaviors such as drinking and doing drugs.”

*”Gamers that play daily are reported smoking pot almost twice as often as occasional players, and three times as often as those who never play.”

*”Young women who spent a significant amount of time playing video games had a low self-worth.”


If a gamers spends all of his free time playing video games and skips meals or loses sleep because of excessive game play, a video game addiction can have a bad impact on his/her health. Children who spend more than two hours a day in front of a television or video games often stop participating in physical activity and may suffer from childhood obesity. Addiction can lead to such medical issues as backaches, headaches, eyestrain and carpal tunnel.

Video games that feature violent actions and scenarios may lead addicted players to be desensitized to the violence. Players who become engrossed in first-person shooter-style video games, may adapt a detached view of society or develop aggressive thoughts and tendencies. Loosing also causes the gamers to have a form of aggression due to them being competitive and they don’t like the idea that they aren’t doing good enough or that they aren’t good enough.

I myself don’t completely disagree with people playing games but i do believe in limiting themselves. I also think they should continue to participate in extracurricular activities that will help them say active and healthy, and they shouldn’t play violent video games for long periods at a time to help with the aggression.

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Gaming affecting society?