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4 Problems with Social Media

Hope Badley, Contributor

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There are many problems with social media. There are also many different opinions about which ones are the most severe, but we can all agree that social media is definitely not a safe haven.

I believe the biggest problems are the restrictions. Or rather, the content we are not restricted from. Kids nowadays practically have access to the whole world at their fingertips, and at such a young age. There are six year olds with Instagram accounts. It forces them to grow up way too fast. They don’t get to enjoy childhood as they should.

Secondly, a fairly huge problem with social media is bullying. People can get away with anything they want. Blackmail, bullying, harassment, etc. I find that most people in general feel like they are able to say whatever they think online. As if there are no consequences, but there are consequences to others. If you say something about another person, you might not suffer the consequences but that person might.

Privacy is another big one. There is practically no privacy on the internet. If you post a photo, someone could see where you live just from that photo. Or even posting a status on Facebook. People can also stalk you without your knowledge. If you ask me, that is scary and I’m sure you agree.

Also, if you are planning to attend college, you should definitely watch what you post because most colleges look at your social media; and if they see you Tweeting horrible things to your ex-friend, Becky, chances are they won’t accept you. Who wants to let a bully into their school? Almost no one.
The four biggest problems with social media. There are tons, but I narrowed my list down to the most important issues. Social media is overall bad.

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4 Problems with Social Media